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In the early days, the Corporation was input quite a lot of resources for Corporation Culture Construction, in order to form a common standard of conduct, similar value judgment and work on the same target internally, as well as building up a complete and unified corporation image. 

Since 1996, many advocates and data of Lisound have been publicized via the periodic publication “Lisound Windows

“Lisound Windows”: A Window to get more understanding of Lisound 


An internal newsletter called “Management &

Decision” was circulated non-periodically for

management personnel in the Corporation.   

  “Management & Decision”: A Collective Tips for Internal management. 

Members of the Corporation were organized to form book reading groups, lead by General Manager, to write reading report after book read. 


In between different Lisound dispensing shops, there were also some spaces or columns for the Corporation members to exchange views or share technical experiences.  





The slogan on wall, “Progress every day, from now on.”