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Lisound gains more and more praises, admirations and honors after 2001. Consumers feel more confidence to Lisound products and services with higher expectation. Standing on the newly built custom made hearing aid industrial plat-form, Lisound independently develops new items and works together with international cooperators either, to push country’s hearing industry toward higher level. 


Never thought about trick medical devices administration to claim the hearing aid as “Sound Amplifier”; Never loosen the quality control for saving cost; Never delay to issue paycheck in paydays; Never break contracts for any reason. Just do right things, Lisound gain the prizes of Civilization Entity, Famous Brand, and Fujian Top Hundred Oversea Chinese Star Enterprise and so on. 


Civilization Entity (2002-2005)       Fujian Provincial Famous Brand (2007) 
Fujian Top Hundred Oversea Chinese Star Enterprise       Credibility and Quality 
Fujian Harmonious Enterprise 2008-2009.       Fuzhou Quality Prize 2006