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Recommendation of setting every 3rd of March as Hearing Care Day in motion, by ten governmental organizations, was effective from 2000. Lisound immediately commenced the “Hearing Care Engineering”, with ambitions of enable Hearing Knowledge Popularized, Hearing Instru-ment Plebeianized, Fitting Services Localized, Hearing Aid Production Standardized. The first action taken by the Corporation was adjusting down prices of all custom-made hearing aids effectively from April 1, 2000. 


                                                                                    Press Conference for Hearing Care Engineering Launching (2000). 


Donated hearing aid to hearing impaired,

as part of practice of Hearing Care Engineering


The Second Hearing Care Day,

Lisound Staff circulated the pam-phlets

about hearing health (2001).  

The General Manager Mr. Chan Wasang

gave hear-ing health care briefing on the streets

in National Hearing Care Day (2003).